Iranian President to Hold Press Conference on February 16

Iranian President to Hold Press Conference on February 16

President of the Islamic Republic of Iran Hassan Rouhani will hold a press conference on Sunday evening, February 16, according to his office.

According to the deputy head of the communications and information at the President’s office, Alireza Moezzi, the press conference will be attended by the local and foreign reporters.

“After outlining the administration’s stances on the major regional and international issues and developments, the President will be answering questions from the reporters at the conference,” Moezzi added.

The press conference, due to be held at the Presidential complex on Pasteur Street of Tehran, will include reporters and journalists from the bulk of the Iranian and foreign mass media.

Moezzi also noted that the press conference will be aired live on the Islamic Republic of Iran News Network, IRIB Channel 1, Press TV, Al-Alam News Network, Jame Jam TV, and the national Iranian radio.

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  1. i can talk for all iranians i have ever met and certainly for the mayority of iran when i say that rouhani you need to resign or end in prison like your brother and your money bought you this election but the people chose raesi and still its raesi who keeps iran running by managing irans laws so get lost


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