Iranian official denies VP made faux pas on Johnny Depp look-alike

An Iranian official denies media claims that First Vice President Mohammad Mokhber recently mistook an Iranian man participating in Ashura ceremonies for American actor Johnny Depp.

Earlier, a tweet made the rounds on  social media that apparently showed an account by the name Mohammad Mokhber praising Depp for mourning alongside other people the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussein (PBUH) the third Shia Imam.

Now Mokhber’s deputy Kaveh Estehardi says the vice president has no account on social media, be it Twitter or Instagram.

The Iranian look-alike of Depp was later identified as Amin Sa’les, a model from the city of Tabriz, who was among Ashura mourners in the capital Tehran. His video went viral in Iran after people noticed he bears a striking resemblance to the American actor.

Western social media users also took note, as they commented on the man who appeared in the video.

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