Friday, March 24, 2023

How Iranian newspapers cover nuclear talks in New York

An analytical look at Iranian newspaper coverage of nuclear talks with P5+1.

With the countdown for the finale of nuclear talks between Iran and P5+1 on, over the past few days Iranian newspapers opted for a measured tone in covering the parley half a world away.

The addition of President Hassan Rouhani, who appreciates the coherent strategies of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, to the Iranian team in New York may lend special weight to the NYC chapter of the nuclear saga. It may also prompt those who put partisan interests ahead of national interests and global peace and security to take the risk of making a “hard decision”.

The crises brewing in the Middle East have probably left no place for the option of war on President Obama’s Oval Office desk. At a time when negotiations seem to be the only way forward, no more time should be wasted; after all, there are more urgent issues the world has to contend with.

The Americans and their European and regional allies should know that playing the IS card is not compatible with diplomatic standards. The truth of the matter is that even a weakened form of this pathogenic agent, read IS, cannot be used in the vaccination of the West. Westerners need to shed their illusions that such an approach could serve their interests.

Without any bias that could slam the door shut on an independent assessment of Iranian media, Iran Front Page would like to note that with the exception of a few dailies that expressed dismay over comments by Foreign Minister Zarif that “We’ll trust Obama if he makes a promise,” others kept their feelings under wraps.

No doubt, the Iranian people are waiting to see what President Obama’s promise is and how reliable it will be.

Iranian newspapers, both principlist and reformist, which represent the Iranians in what they openly say and in what appears between the lines on their pages, leave no doubt that Iranian independence and dignity are not negotiable. If you doubt the statement you just went through, turn it into a question and put it to President Rouhani, Foreign Minister Zarif and other members of the Iranian negotiating team.

They will definitely repeat what you just read. Even if their microphones remained accidentally open, they would not turn their back on their closest friends and allies. Certainly, no ally is more powerful than a nation with a stellar cultural and civilizational background.

The priority of Iranians of different ethnic backgrounds, including Kurds, Baluchis, Azeris, Turkmen and Fars, is to enrich culture and science. Enrichment of uranium has been an upshot of such a policy which is bound to carry on.

Coincidentally, right at a time when major powers were haggling with Iran over the extent of its uranium enrichment, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution released the macro-policies of the establishment in the field of science and technology. Nothing can put more emphasis on the fact that Iranian research and scientific endeavors cannot be shut down.

Ettela’at, which first appeared on newsstands almost 80 years ago, put the following on its front page: The ultimate goal is to become the scientific hub of the world. It also said under the policy guidelines of the Supreme Leader, Islamic values and ethics should prevail in the higher education system of the Islamic Republic.

In conclusion, it should be noted that Iran, which has been home to Ferdowsi, [a prominent epic poet] will not surrender in the face of bullies; and Iran, which has been called home by Sa’di and Hafiz, [two world-famous poets] won’t develop nuclear weapons. After all, Iran is the land of love and compassion.

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