Friday, May 24, 2024

Top Iranian general urges armed forces to be ready for future wars

The Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Bagheri has called for planning and preparedness of the armed forces proportionate to future warfare and operations.

“Today’s battles against terrorists and Takfiri groups are hugely different from wars of the past and have confronted us with new scenarios. Therefore, armed forces should plan their readiness and improve it proportionate to future wars,” he said.

The general said the power of the armed forces have stemmed threats against the country. He warned, however, that Iran may face asymmetric warfare.

“We should know how well our logistics and support can resist hostile fire and we should conduct our support operations away from enemy fire,” he said.

Bagheri said armed forces should monitor wars across the world and see, for example, what is slowing down the Russian army’s advances in the war in Ukraine and why the Ukrainian army has failed to resist the Russia military well.

“We should identify the latest know-how and methods that are being used across the world and benefit from them,” he said.

The general also underlined the need for identification of weaknesses and strengths during specialized drills.

He said the armed forces, in their logistics and support operation, should be more efficient and make better use of existing equipment and facilities, including through cooperation with other branches of the armed forces, to cut costs.

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