Thursday, February 29, 2024

Outspoken Iranian daily urges officials not to count on China for economic improvement

An outspoken Iranian daily accuses China of giving empty promises to Tehran in bilateral deals on trade cooperation, urging Iranian officials not to pin their hopes on Beijing in their efforts to improve the country’s economic situation.

In an article, the Jomhouri-e Eslami Daily said President Ehrahim Raisi should not have paid an official visit to China, in the first place, before Beijing offers an apology over President Xi Jinping’s recent position against Iran’s territorial integrity and nuclear activities during a visit to Saudi Arabia.

It downplayed the outcome of Raisi’s visit to China, which, the daily said, is only concerned about its own interests and is not untrustworthy just like the US, Europe and Russia.

The daily said officials should not expect “an opening” in the Iranian economy by relying on China.

It said the visit to China proved to be fruitless, citing a decline in the value of the national currency right after Raisi’s returning home.

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