Thursday, November 30, 2023

Iran Urges US to End ‘Shameful Hostage-Taking’

The Iranian government spokesman has described as a good breakthrough the return home of a number of Iranian scientists incarcerated in the United States under “unreal pretexts,” urging the US to release other Iranian inmates as well.

Ali Rabiee noted that swapping prisoners between Iran and the US is part of the nation’s policies “at the highest decision-making levels of the Establishment.”

“We have asked the US regime to make arrangements to restore the legal rights of other innocent Iranian inmates and put an end to this shameful hostage-taking,” he said.

The spokesman noted the government will continue to support these Iranian citizens as well as other Iranian expats which run into trouble and are mired in unfavourable conditions in different countries due to discrimination and political matters.

“One of the basic duties that the government feels responsible, more than ever, to fulfill is to support the dignity of all Iranian citizens, both inside and outside the country, whose daily lives have been disrupted as a result of the United States’ inhumane and unfair sanctions,” he added.

Rabiei said the US regime has become so impudent with regards to breaching global values that it has threatened to slap sanctions on members of the International Court of Justice if they look into international crimes committed by American military troops and citizens.

He underlined the reason why Iran does not take US President Donald Trump offer of talks seriously is that the “unruly” regime seeks to tighten the noose around internationally known jurists to wreck justice and common human values.

He said Washington has left no option for Tehran other than standing up to bullying and calling on all nations to band together in the face of this “unbelievable revolt.”

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