Sunday, May 19, 2024

Iran rejects Ukraine president’s anti-Tehran claims as worthless and baseless

The spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry described the recent remarks by the Ukrainian president against the Islamic Republic as a blame game aimed at diverting the public opinion and a political stunt mixed with baseless claims, saying that such accusations are thus worthless.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy on Wednesday urged Iran to reconsider what he called the supply of deadly drones to Russia in order to stop the war. He also called on Iran to QUOTE not to side with evil Russia.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran has always declared that it is opposed to the war in Ukraine and its continuation and regrets the suffering of the Ukrainian people very much. It has emphasized the need to find a political solution to end it as soon as possible, and stands ready to assist in its realization,” the Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman, Nasser Kanaani said on Saturday.

“Repetition of the false claims by the Ukrainian president against the Islamic Republic of Iran is in harmony with the propaganda and media war of the anti-Iranian axis against the Iranian government and people, and is done with the aim of attracting as much arms and financial aid as possible from Western countries,” Kanaani added.

The Iranian official emphasized that political claims and stunts against the Islamic Republic of Iran do not change the realities of the war in Ukraine, expressing Tehran’s readiness for a continuation of expert-level talks with Kiev.

“The Ukrainian side’s avoidance of expert negotiations with the Iranian side in order to investigate the claims confirms their baselessness and the existence of specific political goals and motives behind such accusations against the Islamic Republic of Iran,” the spokesman said.

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