Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Iran to Stop Enemy Far Beyond Country’s Borders: IRGC Chief

A senior Iranian military official says the Armed Forces will not allow the enemy to encroach upon the country’s soil.

IRGC Chief-Commander Major General Hossein Salami said the Iranian military will keep the enemy at bay before they get close to the country’s borders.

“We will not allow the enemy to enter the territory of our dear Islamic homeland and, with our presence kilometres away from the country’s frontiers, will stop the enemy from hatching plots and committing hostile acts,” said General Salami.

He further said the Iranian nation’s resistance against enemies is unlimited, and the resistance will lead to triumph.

“The IRGC has expanded its sphere of resistance, and when the enemy sees that the geographical domain of resistance and the ideology of Islamic Revolution dialogue has expanded, it (the enemy) will have no option, but to leave the scene,” he added.

The top general noted the Iranian nation’s grandeur, dignity, resistance and revolutionary spirit have disappointed the enemy.

“The enemy has had to turn back after seeing our resistance,” he said.

General Salami also touched upon the Yemeni nation’s recent victories against the enemies.

“Yemenis are an oppressed and resistant people that, despite coming under heavy attacks, have overcome their enemies with full force and divine will,” he said.

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