Sunday, December 4, 2022

Iran Says Ready to Take Steps to Have US Bans Lifted If Hurdles Removed

The Iranian president says his administration is trying its utmost to both have sanctions lifted and effectively tackle the coronavirus outbreak by the time its tenure comes to an end.

“If some hurdles are removed, we stand ready to take steps to have part or maybe all of the sanctions lifted,” said Hassan Rouhani on Saturday.

He added Iran faced hardships as well as ups and downs in the year to March 2021 due to US sanctions and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rouhani expressed his gratitude to all officials and people for contributing to efforts to cope with both the coronavirus and sanctions.

He also expressed hope that all Iranians will have received coronavirus jabs by March 2022.

“Some 790,000 doses of vaccines have been imported, and more will be imported as well, and God willing, Iranian vaccines will hit the market at the end of spring, too,” he said.

The president further touched upon the repercussions from former US President Donald Trump’s inappropriate policies.

“Now Trump is gone, but the adverse consequences of [policies adopted by] that moron still linger on,” he noted.

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