Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Iran Says ‘Alarmed’ by Consequences of Afghanistan Presidential Dispute

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran has released an official statement on Sunday about the ongoing developments in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

Following is the text of the statement:


In the Name of God

The Islamic Republic of Iran is closely monitoring the political and security developments in Afghanistan with concern, and is alarmed by the unpredictable consequences of the disputes over the results of the Afghan presidential elections for the internal stability and also by its regional impacts.

The Islamic Republic of Iran blames such conditions on the US government’s disregard for the existing problems with the holding of elections in Afghanistan and its ignorance of the lessons from them, particularly from the Afghanistan’s presidential election in 2014.

Giving priority to the US president’s needs in his election campaign for the presidential election in November and the US’ irresponsible impetuosity in advancing the negotiations without considering the region’s interests and security resulted in disregard for the internal issues, which led to the current circumstances.

Following the outbreak of the ongoing disputes between Honorable Dr. Ghani and Honorable Dr. Abdullah, we have sadly witnessed the continuation of the unilateral policies of the US government and the US’ move to sacrifice the national interests of Afghan people to fulfill the objectives of the US president’s campaign, whose result is driving Afghanistan into the path of intensification of crisis and escalation of political tensions in that country.

At the present time, for the good of the public interests of people of Afghanistan and in order to protect peace and stability in that country which would have far-reaching regional impacts, the Islamic Republic of Iran invites the political leaders of Afghanistan and also the regional countries to employ their full capacities to find a way out of the disagreements between the two leaders over the results of the recent presidential election in that country.

The Islamic Republic of Iran hopes that formation of an inclusive government with the participation of all political factions and groups of Afghanistan would immediately prepare the ground for the beginning of intra-Afghan talks with the participation of all political groups in that country, including the Taliban.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is prepared, like the past, for an active participation in the regional efforts that are made with the purpose of settlement of problems in Afghanistan, and to exercise its capacities for ensuring peace and stability in Afghanistan and the region.

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