Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Iran president: US lies about truce efforts, gives Israel free rein to commit crimes

The Iranian president says the United States’ claims that it is pushing efforts to bring about a badly needed ceasefire in the Gaza Strip to stop a weeks-long killing rampage by the Israeli regime are ‘sheer lies’.

Ebrahim Raisi made the remarks earlier on Monday in a press conference with visiting Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammad Shia al-Sudani who is in the Iranian capital Tehran as part of a regional tour.

“What we see in practice from the Americans is that they veto proposed resolutions in the (United Nations) Security Council and practically give the Zionist regime a free rein to murder,” Raisi said, referring to draft resolutions on the establishment of humanitarian pauses in the war on the blockaded Palestinian territory.

Raisi stressed that the relentless Israeli bombardment against Gaza should immediately stop and a ceasefire has to be established to send humanitarian aid and supplies to 2.3 million people caught up in the besieged enclave.

He called on Muslim nations to break their silence on the Israeli crimes, adding Iran supports any measure by the Muslim, regional and or non-regional countries aimed at stopping the US-aided Israeli onslaught on Gaza.

The Iraqi premier also said Tehran and Baghdad hold similar views about the war in Gaza that has so far left nearly 10,000 people dead, a large majority of them women and children, since October 7.

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