Iran President: Israel must leave occupied Palestine as occupation does not bring legitimacy

The Iranian president says occupation does not bring legitimacy, lashing out at the Israeli regime for having occupied Palestinian land for 75 years.

“The continuation of occupation brings neither ownership, nor legitimacy,” said Ebrahim Raisi at a conference on Palestine held in the Iranian capital, Tehran on Sunday.

“Which legal system and legal school of thought in the world would accept that continued occupation leads to ownership and legitimacy?, he asked rhetorically.

The President once again reiterated Iran’s backing for Palestinian people and their struggles to defend themselves against Israel.

“We have announced loud and clear on numerous occasions that support for Palestine and resistance groups are on the Islamic Republic of Iran’s agenda,” noted Raisi.

“Who can be indifferent toward people who have been oppressed across the world? Anyone who legitimately defends themselves, their religion and their families should be supported,” the president underscored.

He further highlighted that the Israeli regime should be driven out of the occupied territories and brought to justice.

“Occupation should end, and the occupier should be punished and should pay compensation,” he said.

President Raisi added the issue of Palestine is the most important issue not only in the Muslim world, but in the entire world.

The president also lauded resistance by people in Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, Iraq and Yemen against excessive demands, oppression and tyranny.

“If the oppressor refuses to accept logic, dialog and negotiations, then the only logic against its power would be resistance,” said Raisi.

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