Thursday, December 7, 2023

Iran’s Jews religious leader: Occupying Jerusalem counters Jewish teachings

The religious leader of Jews in Iran, Rabbai Youne Hamami Lalehzar emphasized that the Jewish faith does not advocate the occupation of Jerusalem.

Explaining the significance of Jerusalem to Jews, he highlighted the city as a focal point of reverence due to its connection to prayers, prophets’ tombs, and its status as a holy land.

Stressing that the Jewish belief centers around a divine promise to be fulfilled in the era of the promised savior, Rabbi Lalehzar emphasized the importance of justice and fairness in this context.

According to Jewish principles, the belief in this promised savior aligns with the faith in God, emphasizing that the world has a purpose that will be ultimately fulfilled through this savior, thereby emphasizing the importance of this future fulfillment over any forced occupation.

He also warned about attempts to sow the seeds of discord among Muslims and Jews.
The religious leader added that Jews and Muslims have peacefully coexisted in all parts of the word, including in Iran.

The religious leader’s comments come as the Israeli regime has occupied Palestine for over 75 years, denying them the right to self determination.

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