Iran’s Intelligence Minister: 400 bombs discovered, defused in country

Iran's Minister of Intelligence, Seyyed Ismail Khatib, has revealed the recent discovery and successful neutralization of 400 explosive devices in the country.

The minister’s statement highlights the proactive measures taken by the security apparatus to combat conspiracies “that threaten societal peace, with the ultimate goal of fostering conditions conducive to peace within the nation.”

Khatib detailed a comprehensive strategy aimed at countering various threats, including opposition to the Zionist regime, systems of domination, terrorism, subversion, and espionage, along with addressing issues of infiltration, economic corruption, and inefficiency.

Addressing events from the previous year, he disclosed intelligence predicting actions by foreign intelligence services, think tanks, and semi-governmental organizations abroad.

The intelligence minister added: “These groups, perceived as adversaries due to their affiliations with terrorism, separatism, and the former regime, were expected to make critical decisions by the end of 2021.”

Furthermore, Khatib unveiled the coordination of over 50 intelligence services, which convened meetings across different countries and trained more than 200 media professionals to act against Iran.

He said such schemes, supported by virtual tools and media resources, were orchestrated by quasi-governmental organizations with the aim of advancing their missile training and design programs.

He noted that such endeavors have always been marked by various intrigues aimed at destabilizing the nation’s system of governance.

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