Thursday, June 13, 2024

Iran Intelligence Ministry

Ministry: Two Daesh terrorists killed, several arrested before conducting terror attacks in Iran 

Iranian intelligence agents have killed two Takfiri terrorists who had entered Iran days ago following the terror attack in the southeastern city of Kerman, aiming to carry out further terrorist operations. 

Intelligence Minister: Iran thwarts extensive assassination plot against officials 

Iranian security forces have foiled a string of extensive assassination plots to target Sunni clerics, judges, and Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) members across the country, the intelligence minister has announced. 

Iran says has thwarted major terror plot

The Iranian Intelligence Ministry announced that it has foiled a plot to carry out a string of terrorist bombing attacks in the capital Tehran, capturing dozens of elements linked with the Daesh terrorist group.

Iran’s Intelligence Minister: 400 bombs discovered, defused in country

Iran's Minister of Intelligence, Seyyed Ismail Khatib, has revealed the recent discovery and successful neutralization of 400 explosive devices in the country.

“Iran intelligence operatives deal heavy blow to US-backed riot-organizing network”    

The intelligence agency of Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps and the Iranian Intelligence Ministry say they have dealt a heavy blow to a network involved in orchestration of rioting in the country.

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