Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Iran Denounces Israeli Attacks on Syria

Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi has strongly condemned the Israeli regime’s recent attacks on Syria.

In a Thursday statement, Qassemi said Israel’s strikes on the Syrian territory amounted to an act of aggression.

“The Zionist regime’s multiple strikes on the Syrian soil and the blatant violation of the country’s sovereignty, especially in recent days, was a clear act of aggression and a potent example of the crisis-seeking, lie-oriented and domineering nature of this regime, which wouldn’t like to see stability, security and tranquility in the region, and believes its security is contingent upon the insecurity and instability of the region,” he said.

“The Zionist regime’s constant attacks on Syrian soil, which came under self-made and baseless pretexts, amount to a breach of Syria’s national sovereignty and territorial integrity and runs counter to all international rules, regulations and norms, and the silence of countries and international circles in the face of such acts and aggressive behaviour by the Zionist regime is tantamount to a green light to the regime in order to continue its acts of aggression,” he noted.

He said the resistant Syrian government and nation have the right to legitimate and mutual defence.

“Over the past seven years, the Syrian nation and government resisted brutal and customized attacks by terrorist groups on behalf of the Zionist regime, the US and some of their regional allies, and, by imposing defeats on them, kept their supporters from achieving their goals,” he said.

“Today, the main sponsors of these terror groups have directly launched attacks against Syria, hoping to make up for the heavy defeats suffered by the same terrorists that they themselves created, and tip the balance in favour of these moribund groups,” said Qassemi.

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