Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Iran Condemns Saudi, Bahrain’s Support for Blacklisting IRGC

Iran has strongly condemned Saudi Arabia and Bahrain for supporting the US’ blacklisting of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps, saying such “worthless” stances cannot deflect the world’s attention from the role played by Riyadh and Manama in promoting terrorism across the region.

In a Wednesday statement, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi lashed out at Bahrain and Saudi Arabia for welcoming and supporting the US move against the IRGC adding that the inept and unwise positions of these two countries are in contravention of the principles of non-interference and respect for the sovereignty of other countries.

Qassemi described the Saudi and Bahraini positions as a despicable and passive acclamation of the US-backed anti-Iran measures, noting that the positions expressed by the two countries indicate their short-sightedness and lack of a true understanding of the realities of the region.

“It also shows they are not aware of the consequences of the US’ adventurism and strategic mistake for the stability and security of the region,” he maintained.

“Some countries in the region are accustomed to blindly agreeing with what their trans-regional bosses say. These countries themselves are the main propagators of the doctrines and ideas of terrorism in the region and the world, and have not missed any opportunity to help and support terrorist groups in recent decades.”

Qassemi said these countries have made undeniable investment in training terrorists and “are not in a position to express their stances against the Islamic Republic of Iran by playing a deceitful role.”

“Undoubtedly, they will fail to hide behind such worthless stances and deflect the world’s attention away from their responsibility in promoting terrorism across the region and the world,” he added.

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