Thursday, May 30, 2024

Iran calls on Armenia-Azerbaijan to focus on regional formats to solve disputes

The spokesman of the Iranian foreign ministry says the solution to the Caucasus problems does not lie in a resort to extra-regional forces but in the capitals of regional countries.

Nasser Kanaani added the Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to help resolve the outstanding issues between Azerbaijan republic and Armenia in bilateral and trilateral formats.

Kanaani reiterated, “Our principled policy is based on good neighborliness and expansion of relations with all neighbors, and strengthening of ties with a neighbor does not mean those relations are against another neighbor.”

He added, “The Islamic Republic of Iran has constantly emphasized protection of the territorial integrity of the Republics of Armenia and Azerbaijan and a peaceful resolution of their differences while respecting rights and within the framework of international law. That is why Iran condemned the occupation of Azerbaijan’s territories and supported their liberation at the highest levels.”

He also spoke on the recent remarks by the Azeri president regarding Iran’s ties with Armenia.

Kanaani said, It has been nearly two years that officials of Azerbaijan and Armenia, at different levels of representation, have held bilateral and multilateral meetings at various political, military and security levels, and on the path to constant peace and reconciliation, something that has had the support of the Islamic Republic of Iran, but the reasons for concerns in Baku over conventional neighborly meetings are incomprehensible.

Kanaani referred to Iran’s recent military drills on the borders of Armenia and Azerbaijan, describing them as a routine and pre-planned move, of which relevant neighbors were informed in advance through official channels.

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