Saturday, September 30, 2023

In Memory of Ali Golshan: An Iconic Iranian Photographer

Late Iranian photographer Ali Golshan has left behind numerous photos which bring back memories of the distant past.

Ali Golshan was born in the city of Kerman in south-central Iranian Kerman province in 1921.

He established the Golshan photography shop in 1937. The photos taken by him and left behind show he would use a certain method in preparing photography chemicals in order to get the best results. To develop better-quality pictures, Ali Golshan would always use the latest equipment such as the first chemical photocopier, the first printer, and the first automatic photo developing machine in the atelier of his photography shop. He also had many photography students.

He died of cancer in 1979 after years of offering services and taking memorable photos of people, urban locations and historical monuments of Kerman. Some of the photos he took during his lifetime are published below in remembrance of the late veteran photographer, also marking World Photography Day (August 19).

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