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How is Your Love Life in Year of Metal Ox 2021

In this article, you will see how your love life will be in 2021, the year of metal ox.


This year you will succeed in connecting more easily with your emotional side. You will be able to show your feelings to others with ease. This will raise your chances of starting new love and friendship relationships.


Your love life will go through quick changes, something that you are not used to. But these changes are not necessary bad.

You’ll have the energy to keep up with them. It is very important to let your sincerity prevail over your relationships with others, as you did until now.
You will have more passion in your life at the end of the year. Discussions about having children might appear during this year for the long term couples.


2021 will be a year full of changes in your love life. It’s up to you if these changes will be good or bad.

If you are single, you have big chances of finding your better half, and if you are already involved in a relationship, you and your partner will take an important step, bringing your relationship to a new level.

Also, if you don’t find yourself in your current relationship, a breakup is not excluded. If you are single, finding new relaxing hobbies and activities might also lead to meeting very interesting people.


No major changes for the first part of 2021 in your love life. During the second part of the Metal Ox year you will face some major changes in your love life.

Your love and friendship relationships will get more complicated than usually. You will work harder to maintain a normal life as a couple.

For the rabbit natives that are not happy with the relationship they have with their partner, this might be the year you will go through a breakup.

Those who are single must find the courage to show their true face to other people and to be honest with themselves. This is the only way they have a chance of finding true love.


The year of the Metal Ox will be a completely unpredictable year for the natives of Dragon. This year, you will be more open to communication, which will be of great help in your love life.

If you are single, your new social attitude and approach will bring more friends and more love opportunities. If you are in a serious relationship, this predisposition will improve your relationship with your partner.

The year of the Metal Ox might bring forth an old love, a partner you might still have feeling for. There are big chances of fixing broken connections.


In the Metal Ox year, your own natural charisma, big as it is already, will be enhanced. You are like a magnet for other people, managing to attract attention and admiration with no effort.

Therefore, you have big chances of finding your better half in 2021. Also, if you are in a stable relationship, the year of the Ox will bring more passion into your life.


The year of the Ox will not bring too many changes in your love life. The direction you followed in 2020 in your love life will be maintained during 2021.

The passion from your sexual life will continue and this year might a good one for having a child. The Horse natives that are single have little chances of finding their true love during this year.


The Ox year will bring many changes in your love life. The love flame between you and a co-worker, a collaborator or a business partner might ignite this year. During 2021, your love life seems to be closely tied to your professional life.

You have chances of finding your better half only if you take advantage of the opportunities coming your way.

Don’t be afraid to follow your desires, to do what you feel and show the others that you are not a person afraid of taking the first step. For the natives involved in stable relationships, year 2021 might be a good year for marriage or for having a baby.


You are going to have a stable year in your love affairs. That doesn’t mean your year will be boring. In 2021 you need to learn how to listen.

This way, you will have the capacity to understand much better your life partner and to improve your relationship.

If you are single, learn to express your emotions, to show your enthusiasm and to lay aside the attitude of a cold and careless person.


2021 is your year and you will definitely be able to tell. It’s an excellent opportunity for you with all the starts aligning in your favor in the Ox year.

You need to express your feelings and let your emotions free, so your relationship can go to another level.

For the natives that are involved in happy relationships, the following year might bring the wedding plans. Also, the natives looking for their true love have big chances of finding it in 2021.


The year of the Ox will finally bring you more stability in your love life. If 2020 was a year when you had troubles keeping your emotions under control, in 2021 things will be much normal and you will be able to enjoy a more peaceful life.

The key to solve some of the problems that are frequently emerging in your love relationship is communication.

Don’t be afraid to tell the person you love how you feel and what you desire, but do it in a delicate manner. The natives that didn’t yet find their better half should spend more time with their friends, in this way the chances of meeting interesting people will increase.


From a sentimental perspective, the year of the Ox will be a very important year for you.
You will need to carefully examine your own emotions, feelings and desires in order to discover in what direction you are going and how exactly you want your life to look like.

This will be a good opportunity for you and your partner to discuss the changes you need to make in your relationship.

If you are single, be more open with the people around you and learn to communicate more efficiently.

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