Health Ministry: Removal of face masks would unleash new Covid wave

Iran’ Health Ministry says the National Taskforce Against the Coronavirus is not considering ending mandatory face masks or vaccinations, for fear of a surge in cases.

The ministry’s deputy for medical treatment Saeed Karimi says countries that ended health protocols quickly, suffered a quick resurge in the disease.

Karimi says the ministry is not currently considering the coronavirus disease as “finished”, stressing such countries as India are seeing an increase in cases therefore any careless move could spell trouble for the country.

“The number of daily infections who need hospitalization is around 1,000. We have a total of 3,800 Covid patients in hospitals including 1,000, who are in ICUs. Therefore, the coronavirus is not finished yet,” he said.

Karimi further stressed that the ministry does not expect a new wave of the virus until the summer.

“If no new variant appears, it is expected that we head toward better conditions. Bu this is not given. Without the immunity system of people across the world strengthened and fair vaccination in all countries, one should remain on their guard,” he warned.

Karimi also said removal of face masks will only be considered when the R rate – the average number of people that one infected person will pass on a virus to – drops to below one.

“The Taskforce Against the Coronavirus has not so far made a decision on removal of face masks, and also we do not advise it,” he noted.

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