Headed by Paul Belogour, Boston Unisoft Technologies (BUT) Among Best FinTech IT Vendors

Online trading, international payment systems and cryptocurrencies are slowly replacing traditional financial instruments. The demand for quick, comfortable and intuitive financial services is forever growing, creating a thriving market for innovative startups and industry incumbents willing to embrace the digital transformation.

Boston Unisoft Technologies is one of the best software development vendors helping businesses adopt new financial tools and carve out a market share for themselves.

What Is Boston Unisoft?

Led by Pavel Belogour, Boston Unisoft Technologies (https://bostonunisoft.com) is a new generation software development company. Since its inception, the vendor specialized in high-end development services for financial projects. Ten years later, BUT continues to provide full-cycle software development services and is running exciting and innovative FinTech projects. The core services include:

  • Web development for brokers
  • Trading platform development
  • Customer area development
  • White label MT4 platforms development

Headed by Paul Belogour, Boston Unisoft Technologies (BUT) Among Best FinTech IT VendorsUnisoft Technologies Vs. Offshore IT Vendors

Over 50% of business owners outsource their business processes. Outsourcing software development enables companies to avoid the lengthy and costly head-hunting and onboarding process. However, when choosing between a specialized company, such as BUT, and an offshore IT vendor, businesses should be aware of all benefits and pitfalls of either choice.

Boston Unisoft specializes in financial and trading software and web development. With an impressive portfolio of successful projects, the company relies on ten years of experience and know-how to offer the best solution for every client. This includes the stable and scalable architecture, best-suited technology stack, and seamless integration with third-party solutions. Most offshore IT vendors take on all projects, even if their teams have no experience with the financial market and tools.

Considering their experience with financial products, BUT analysts and project managers provide an accurate estimate of the project’s budget and timeline. As a result, the development is finished on time and on budget every time. Offshore software development companies can lure customers with unrealistically low estimates only to inflate the budget and miss the deadline. As a result, the projects fail and never make it to the market.

Headed by Paul Belogour, Boston Unisoft Technologies team is well-versed in the latest changes in financial regulations, both American and international. This translates into FinTech products that are 100% complaint and safe from fines and lawsuits. The same cannot be said about solutions developed by offshore IT vendors. The gaps in their legislation awareness may cause substantial legal, financial and reputational risks.

BUT has been around for over a decade and will continue to shape the FinTech market along with the most prominent players. Customers can always rely on the team to be there for any future maintenance, training and updating efforts. Offshore IT developers are rarely so accommodating of their onetime clients. They move on from one project to another and rarely try to keep in touch and provide post-release services. Their clients often turn to Boston Unisoft for scaling and debugging.

Boston Unisoft Technologies translates experience into accurate estimates, technical and legal know-how, as well as ongoing post-release support to ensure the client’s success.

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