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Grape Syrup Halva: A Delicious Traditional Iranian Confection

Halva is a type of traditional sweetmeat or confection usually made in different ways. Here, we will review the recipe for a traditional, nutritious Azeri type of halva in which grape syrup is used instead of sugar.


Grape syrup: 1.5 cupfuls

Butter or oil: 3 spoonfuls

Wholemeal flour: 6 spoonfuls

Brewed saffron; 2 spoonfuls

Rosewater: 3 spoonfuls

Turmeric: 1 tablespoon


First, sauté six full spoons of wholemeal flour till it turns a little gold. Then remove it from the heat and leave it to cool before sieving it.

Then mix one glass of quality grape syrup with the flour and add a quarter of a glass of water. Also add one tablespoon of turmeric, three spoonfuls of rosewater and two spoons of brewed saffron and mix the ingredients well to prevent the formation of lumps and get a consistent mixture.

Then put three spoons of oil or butter in a frying pan and leave to heat up before adding some turmeric. Afterwards, gently pour into the hot oil the mixture that we have already prepared and keep stirring it until it gets hard.

You may add crushed walnuts to the halva, too.

Turmeric gives the halva a good aroma and taste, but you may use cardamom instead.

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