Thursday, December 7, 2023

Funeral ceremony held for Armita Geravand amid disruptions, controversy

Today marked the somber funeral ceremony for Armita Geravand, a young student whose tragic accident sparked controversy and media scrutiny.

Family and friends gathered at a cemetery in southern Tehran to bid their final goodbyes. However, the mourning was marred by an attempt to disrupt the ceremony with slogans, which the grieving family and friends did not endorse.

Armita’s unfortunate incident occurred on October 1st at Tehran’s Shohada metro station, resulting in a severe head injury after a sudden pressure drop upon entering the train. Despite medical efforts, Armita passed away 28 days later.

Certain foreign-based media outlets hostile to the Islamic Republic of Iran sought to sensationalize the incident, claiming a conflict over the hijab within the subway led to her accident.

Contradicting these reports, Armita’s parents vehemently denied any conflict, asserting that a thorough review of subway camera footage confirmed that no one physically engaged their daughter inside the subway.

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