Sunday, December 4, 2022

Foreign Ministry slams new US sanctions against Iran

Iranian Foreign Ministry slammed the new US sanctions against Iran, reiterating that the Islamic Republic is determined to use the post-sanctions opportunities to promote its policy of constructive interaction.

In a statement released on Monday, the foreign ministry noted that the US administration was forced to succumb to the will of the Iranian nation and admit Iran’s drive for economic progress and better political interaction with the world by agreeing to lifting of nuclear sanctions, removal of illegal bars on trade and economic cooperation with Iran and releasing Iran’s blocked assets which were worth tens of billions of dollars, all in the course of just one day.

More importantly, the fact that it agreed to settle part of a 37-year old problem about Iran’s military purchases by paying a sum of 1,700 million dollars – which was the original amount – as well as compensations, release or lift restrictions on 28 Iranians who were living in the US in return for freedom of 4 people in Iranian prisons and also instant removal of sanctions on Iran’s Sepah Bank indicate that the US has in practice admitted the failure of its policy of pressures and sanctions.

The statement went on to note that selecting the very day, in which the process of removal of unfair nuclear sanctions against Iran started, to announce the names of another group of individuals and companies for imposition of yet new sets of sanctions by the US Treasury because of their alleged involvement in Iran’s defense program is nothing but an attempt to please power circles and lobbies both in and out of the US.

This kind of behavior has taken the US foreign policy apparatus as hostage for decades now and war-mongers feel dismay with the failure of their Islamophobia policies, the statement said.

Now that Iran has succeeded in materializing its nuclear rights and is gaining access to parts of its financial and economic resources, these lobbies are losing temper and embarking on an all-out confrontation with the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

Unfortunately, the statement stressed, the US government has decided to feed its long-standing addiction to imposing inefficient sanctions by adding the names of a number of Iranian individuals and companies to the list of its sanctions.

It went on to stress that Iran’s missile program is in no way designed to carry nuclear warheads and thus violates no international regulations.

As stated before, the statement underlined, the Islamic Republic of Iran will go on to monitor the precise implementation of the JCPOA by the US government and the same time try to response to its populist offensives by pursuing its lawful missile program, enhancing its military might and promoting national security by more zeal.

The global community and economic institutions, too, have already proven their indifference to such propaganda attempts by the US government which is taking place to silence the war-mongers in and outside America, the statement added.

It stressed that these companies are keen to take the opportunity of post-sanctions situation to cooperate with Iran.

The foreign ministry statement underlined that the structure of sanctions has fallen apart and is absolutely impossible to be mended.

It said the Islamic Republic of Iran is determined to use the post-sanctions opportunities to promote its policy of constructive interaction.

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