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Foreign ministry: President Raisi China visit could bring leap in implementation of 25-year strategic partnership deal with Beijing

Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman says the upcoming visit by Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi to China will take place at the invitation of his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping and will focus on political, economic, trade and cultural cooperation.

Nasser Kanaani talked about the 25-year strategic partnership agreement with China, which was signed by the previous Iranian government, saying Raisi’s visit can create a “leap” in the implementation of the proposals under the agreement.

The spokesman also touched on the move by organizers of the Munich Security Conference to leave out Iran saying this goes against the stated aim of the event that is helping boost international security.

Kanaani also addressed the issue of exchange of prisoners with the US, saying Tehran is ready for a swap without any pre-condition and only if this is not tied to other issues.

The spokesman said Iran has already released a dual national inmate in a show of goodwill but the US government is yet to take reciprocal steps.

Kanaani then reiterated that Iran will use every diplomatic potential to secure its interests adding that Tehran is committed to the nuclear talks and seeks removal of all sanctions against the country.

He noted that other parties to the 2015 nuclear deal should also take action to show their goodwill on the accord and its implementation.

He further stressed that Iran is not in direct talks with the US and is ready to use the capacity of intermediaries, such as Iraq.

The spokesman also rejected the comments by the French foreign minister, who has called for international action against Iran’s missile program.

Kanaani said such rhetoric and blame game does not help the resolution of “difference of opinion” and “misunderstandings” between Iran and the European sides.

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