Saturday, December 9, 2023

First intl. flight from Afghanistan since US withdrawal in Doha

The first international flight from Afghanistan since the US withdrawal from the war-torn country arrived in Qatar’s capital city of Doha on Thursday evening.

The plane carried 113 passengers, including citizens of the UK, Germany, Canada, the US and Ukraine.

The charter flight was organized by Qatari government under the request from a number of countries that were unable to evacuate their citizens from Afghanistan on time.

Civilian passenger flights in Afghanistan were suspended after the Taliban movement took control over the country. This was followed by emergency evacuation, carried out by a number of countries at once.

The chaos at the Kabul Airport during the evacuation and a terror attack that happened near it caused significant damage to the airstrip and terminals. Specialists from Qatar and Turkey assist in repairing the airport. Internal flights resumed on September 4. In the last few days, foreign flights with humanitarian aid started arriving in Kabul.

Source: Sky News

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