Monday, February 26, 2024

First group of migrant swans travel to Iran

The first group of migrant swans has touched down in Sorkhroud pond in the northern Iranian countyof Mahmoudabad in Mazandaran Province.

The director of the Department of Environment in Mahmoudabad says 550 swans have arrived at the pond since the first group of the migrant birds flew to the wetlands a week ago. 

Ali Mohammad Do’agoo says the swans migrated to the area 10 days earlier than they normally do. But he said a smaller population of the birds has traveled to Sorkhroud this year. 

The area has hosted up to 12,000 swans a year over the past several years. The migrant birds normally leave the area back to colder habitats by March. 

Do’agoo further explained that whooper, mute and tundra swans travel to Sorkhroud every year, with whoopers comprising the larger portion of the migrant birds. 

He said conservation officers are protecting the area 24/7 and are helping people, who seek to feed the swans. 

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