Tuesday, December 6, 2022

EU Must Brace for Deluge of Narcotics If It Fails to Aid Iran

The head of the Iranian Anti Narcotic Police says the European countries should keep in mind that if drugs are not dealt with at the production and entry point, they should find them gram by gram from pockets of European youths.

Brigadier General Mohammad Masoud Zahedian says all other countries should play their part in the fight against narcotics, helping Iran which lies on a major drug route between Afghanistan, Europe and the Persian Gulf states and pays a heavy price fighting drug trafficking.

Speaking on the sidelines of a display of illicit drugs found in Tehran, he said the Islamic Republic’s capacity is limited, and there is an inflow on drug production, while the rate of drug production in Afghanistan is increasing day by day.

185 tonnes of narcotics production in 2001 in Afghanistan has now reached over 10,000 tonnes. Iran’s facilities are not proportionate with this volume, and sometimes the country may not be able to counter well with this inflow, added Zahedian.

“We urge European countries to support Iran’s efforts to combat narcotics.”

Iran is in the forefront of the fight against drug trafficking and thousands of Iranian forces have so far been martyred to protect the world from the danger of drugs.

Afghan and western officials blame Washington and NATO, saying that allies have overlooked the drug problem since invading the country about 18 years ago.

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