Iranian diplomat: Iran free to do any missile activity as UN restrictions expire

A senior Iranian diplomat says Iran is now facing no restrictions with regards to its missile activities given that the country is no longer facing any prohibitions in that sector.

“At the moment, Iran is facing no obstacles in its missile program with regards to both weapons imports and exports,” said Deputy Foreign Minister for Legal and International Affairs Reza Najafi while noting that the October 18th date has already passed.

The UN restrictions on Iran’s trade in advanced missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles and dual-use equipment expired on October 18, 2023, a date known as Transition Day in the 2015 Iran nuclear deal also called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

“Over the past few days, the UN Secretariat announced in a statement that as October 18th  has passed, all sanctions imposed on Iran in the domain of missiles and dual-use equipment related to weapons would be lifted, and the names of some of the individuals put on the sanctions list will be removed from the list,” he told ISNA.

“Accordingly, if some countries used to consider some restrictions in their domestic laws regarding their dealings with Iran due to the UN Security Council sanctions [on Tehran], they are now obliged to revise their national laws in this regard,” the top diplomat explained.

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