Friday, October 7, 2022

Black on Dark: An Exhibit of Iranian Calligraphy Art

Famous Iranian calligraphy artist, Azra Aghighi Bakhshayesh, has put on show her latest works in an exhibition called “Black on Dark” in Tehran.

Aghighi is very famous in Muslim countries and is an exception among female artists. She is not only known well-known in Iran as an iconic figure in the field of Islamic calligraphy, but has an international reputation.

Her works are kept in museums such as the British Museum, Qatar’s Museum of Islamic Art, the National Museum of Malaysia, and important private collections in Europe and Asia.

The “Black on Dark” exhibition is a combination of large-scale letters. These letters are densely packed and so interwoven that form a black surface.

In her works, the form prevails over the content, and this is rare in the cultural history of Iran, because content has always been preferred to the form in the country.

This exhibition runs through November 26 at Tehran’s Homa Gallery.

What follows are photos of the event retrieved from Honar Online:


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