Monday, January 30, 2023

Bin Salman behind Mecca Blast: Saudi Dissident

A leading opposition figure in Saudi Arabia says the country’s new crown prince has been behind the recent failed attempt to launch a terrorist attack on the Grand Mosque of Mecca.

Hamzeh Hossein said foiling the explosion in the Grand Mosque of Mecca was a fake move to garner public support for Mohammad bin Salman who was recently appointed as the new Saudi crown prince.

The move was also aimed at sidelining the news on the removal of bin Nayef from the post of crown prince and the consequences of the removal in Saudi Arabia’s politics,” he added, according to a Farsi report by Tasnim.

Earlier, Saudi Arabian Interior Ministry Spokesperson, Manousr al-Torki, said the Saudi forces foiled on Friday a suicide bomber attempt at the Grand Mosque in Mecca and arrested five people, including a woman, while one of the perpetrators blew himself up.

“Members of a terror cell deployed in Jeddah and Mecca were behind the failed attempt,” he added.

The terrorist operation was carried out just days after Saudi King Salman removed his crown prince Mohammad bin Nayef and replaced him with his own son Mohammad.

Bin Nayef has also been removed from his other government posts including membership in the Council of Ministers at the Interior Ministry.

The changes have sparked great surprise and outrage among the Saudi princes. Many experts talk of possible acts of defiance as well as mass arrests in the kingdom.

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