Monday, March 4, 2024

Biden says “warned Iran” about Houthi attacks

US President Joe Biden has told reporters that a message was delivered to Iran on Yemen's Hothis, responsible for attacking commercial shipping in the Red Sea in support of Gaza. Iranian officials have reiterated that the resistance groups in the region "are not directed by Tehran and do not take orders from Tehran".

“We delivered it privately and we’re confident we’re well-prepared,” Biden stated on Saturday.

The US launched new strikes earlier today against the Houthis for a second straight day after the group warned it would retaliate for a series of attacks on its facilities.

The US and the UK have previously carried out air raids and launched cruise missiles at Yemen with the aim of punishing the Houthis for disrupting the shipping in the vital Red Sea waterway.

Tehran has strongly condemned the raids on Yemen, calling on Washington to stop supporting Israeli war on the besieged strip.

following the strikes, the Houthis announced that United States and United Kingdom interests are “legitimate targets” for the Yemeni fighters.

The Houthis have pledged solidarity with the Palestinians and vowed not to stop attacking merchant vessels until Israel ends its ongoing war with Hamas, which erupted on October 7.

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