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Best Solutions to Fix iPhone Black Screen

Do you want a quick solution for iPhone black screen? Before finding its solution, you must find out the leading causes of the dead screen.

Do you want a quick solution for iPhone black screen? Before finding its solution, you must find out the leading causes of the dead screen.

You may face a black screen issue because of a dead battery. If you have dropped your device accidentally, its screen may turn black. In this case, you will receive calls, but can’t take them because of a black screen. Sometimes, the screen goes black without any apparent reason.

Your screen can turn black because of a hardware or software problem. For hardware damage, you have to visit an Apple store. A software crash may freeze the screen of your iPhone. For a software issue, dr.fone – iOS repair can be the right choice. The complete repair procedure is available at the official website of dr.fone. See these possible solutions to fix your iPhone.

Hard Reset to Fix Black Screen

  • For an unresponsive and dead screen, you can try hard reset to troubleshoot your iPhone. Sometimes, an iPhone DFU mode may help you to factory reset a device. Here are some easy steps for a hard reset.
  • Press the Wake/Sleep button and hold it along with the “Home” button for almost ten seconds.
  • Wait for the Apple logo to appear on the screen.
  • Once your iPhone reboots, you may get rid of iPhone black screen.

Reset iOS Device without a Home Button

The home button is not available in iPhone 7, 8 and X. To reset these models, you will need different buttons.

  • To restart 7 and 7 plus models, press Wake/Sleep + Volume down buttons and hold for a few seconds.
  • For iPhone 8 and X, you have to press volume up button and release, then hit volume down button and release. Now press sleep/wake button and hold for a few seconds until your iPhone boots up.

Restore Factory Settings of iPhone

With the help of iTunes, you can fix the black screen of the iPhone. See these easy steps.

  • Download the current version of iTunes on a PC or Mac. Launch this version to fix iPhone black screen.
  • Connect your iOS device to a computer with one USB cable. The iTunes can detect your device and offer restore option. With a restore button, you can wipe an iPhone. If iTunes can’t recognize your device, try to put your device in a Recovery mode.
  • Once iTunes detects your iPhone, you will get an option to restore your phone. Tap “Restore” to confirm this action.
  • Now iTunes will start erasing your device and install the latest software on your iPhone, such as iOS 12.
  • After completion of this process, the iPhone will restart. Continue and set up your iPhone as a brand new device.

After this procedure, you will lose your data. It is not a safe and better solution. If you don’t have any issue about data loss, just go ahead.

DFU (Device Firmware Upgrade) Mode

In iPhone DFU mode, you can restore devices from any state. DFU is a recovery state that allows people to recover a malfunctioning device. With DFU mode, it will be easy to jailbreak an iPhone. It will return this device to factory settings. For this reason, you have to back up your iPhone before installing an update.

With the use of iTunes, you can put the iPhone in DFU mode. Before starting this procedure, secure your essential data on your PC. See these steps to enter DFU mode:

Run iTunes

  • Connect your iPhone to PC with a cable.
  • Press home and power buttons concurrently for 10 seconds.
  • Now release the power button only and continue pressing a home button for almost 10 seconds.
  • You will get a message (pop-up notification). Let it go. Moreover, you can use DFU tool to activate an iPhone DFU mode.

If your iOS device is trapped in DFU mode, you have to exit from this mode. You can’t restore your iPhone while exiting from DFU mode. To exit from DFU, you can press the home and power buttons together for almost 10 seconds. The dr.fone-repair can be a safe choice to put your iPhone in DFU mode to avoid data loss. It is a safe and convenient solution. Visit their official website to check video tutorial to fix iPhone black screen.

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