Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Baghleq; Ancient Cemetery with Standing Wooden Posts

The Baghleq cemetery is an ancient graveyard located in northeastern Iran with standing wooden posts.

The cemetery lies on top of a hill in Turkmen-populated Baghleq village in Jargalan area in North Khorasan province. The graveyard is one of the ancient cemeteries of the province and has a different shape from that of conventional cemeteries in Iran.

The graveyard is located on a hill away from the village because the deceased should be respected and their tombs should not be trampled underfoot.

One of the unique features of the cemetery is that the particulars of the dead person are written on vertical wooden posts.

The Turkmen people inhabiting the village have interesting rituals when burying the deceased. They take it upon themselves to attend the funeral service and perform the special prayers which are customarily recited for dead people as instructed in Islam. The locals attend the funeral ceremony whether they know the deceased person or not.

Today, the village and the cemetery have turned into a tourist attraction.

The following are pictures of this graveyard courtesy of IRNA:

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