Saturday, November 26, 2022

Anticipating sweet cooperation with the world

The exhibition brought together 320 domestic producers and about 40 companies from 17 countries.

Tehran hosted a 14th international exhibition of biscuits, sweets and chocolate machinery and raw materials earlier in September.

What appears next is the translation of part of what Milad Masoumi, the executive manager of the event which was warmly welcomed by visitors had to say to SMT daily on September 19:

This year, the exhibition brought together 320 domestic producers and about 40 companies from 17 other countries, including Italy, Germany, France, Denmark, Japan, China, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Britain, Austria, Spain, India and Ukraine.

Including the open space, the entire exhibition venue was about 34,000 square meters in area.

The impact of the nuclear deal between Iran and P5+1 has yet to be felt, because top foreign companies usually do their planning before January.

Given that the deal was clinched a few months after their planning deadline, we were unable to secure much foreign contribution, but we are sure that the exhibition will be greatly welcomed next year.

ISM, the world’s best fair for sweets and snacks which is held in Germany, is way ahead of us in terms of facilities and experience, and we always look up to it as a role model and take into account its strengths to promote our exhibition.

In fact, big exhibitions in the world have been held for at least 30 years while our exhibition is only 14 years old. In other words, we do not have much experience in this field. We definitely have a long way ahead to meet up to world standards. To get there, we need better infrastructure and long-term planning. Of course, that point is within reach.

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