Thursday, February 2, 2023

American Senators proved mistrust of US justified: Speaker

Iran’s top MP has said that the content of US Senators’ letter to Iranian officials ran counter to international norms and dealt a blow to US legal image.

Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said that the recent act of US Senators proved that Iran’s lack of trust in America was quite justified.

Larijani made the remark in the Sunday session of Parliament and said what they [US Senators] included in the letter was harshly against international norms and dealt a serious blow to their country’s legal image.

He said that the move was inspired by the fact that the US Congress suffered much from making hollow investments in the meaningless claims of the Zionist regime’s prime minister, something which was met with total indifference by the world public opinion.

He also said the letter was just an indication to prove that the financial support of Zionist lobbies has caused a political recklessness in America.

In their relations with the US, Larijani added, countries are now wondering whether they are dealing with a government which has deceitfully assumed global leadership and has absolute power or one which is literally nothing inside.

He renewed the support of the Iranian Parliament for the nuclear negotiation team and advised them to be more tactful in their future moves.

The top MP also condemned the physical attack on a member of parliament [Ali Motahari] during his Shiraz visit and went on to stress that such hooliganism will certainly work against the interests of the country, especially because of its foreign reflections.

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