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All You Need to Know about Car Rental Insurance in Iran

Car rental in Iran is one of those services that make transportation between the country’s cities much easier and also safer. It can be a great help especially for those who want to travel in Iran and start their journey from Tehran, the capital city.

Tourists and all the customers who want to rent a car in Iran may have some worries and questions like, what should we do if an accident happens? Who should pay for accident damage? Are the cars covered by full insurance? These are the questions that we are going to answer in this article. So, don’t miss it.

Car Rental Insurance in Iran

If you rent a car in Iran from such reputable companies as Saadatrent, Europcar and rentkonim, they can grantee that all of their rental cars are covered by full insurance and also the highest level of CDW insurance. When you have a car rental agreement with these companies, you will also receive car insurance from them.

In this article, we are going to compare these car rental companies to see what are the conditions and facilities of each of them for car insurance.

Well, the first we want to check out is the conditions of car rental company Saadatrent. Saadatrent is one of the biggest and most trustworthy companies for car rental in Iran.

How Much We Should Pay for Car Insurance?

In Saadatrent, you do not need to pay any extra expenses for car insurance. The insurance liability ceiling for car rental in Saadatrent is €200, which is paid as a deposit.

Besides, there are two kinds of insurance that you can pay for while reserving your car rental.

Windscreen, light and tire protection that is €18 and theft protection that is 36€ that if you choose them, by paying their cost, you also receive them on your Iran car full insurance.

What will happen, if we have a car accident?

If you have a car accident, as we mentioned, your insurance liability ceiling is only €200 that you’ve paid as your deposit. That means if the accident damage for your rented car is less than €200, you will pay from your deposit and if it’s a really bad accident, you only have to pay that €200 as the damage cost.

What Will Happen, If Our Rented Car Is Stolen?

If you find out that your rented car has been stolen, there will be two situations: first is when you buy the theft protection from the car rental company, in this case, you only have to pay that €200 that you’ve paid as a deposit.

But if you haven’t bought that insurance, besides the €200, you have to pay the insurance franchise that the insurance company will calculate.

Europcar is the second car rental company in Iran that we want to check out. This company is an international car rental company in Iran with many branches around the country.

Beside a €300 deposit, Europcar has three packages that each of them recommends some kinds of insurance that you have to pay for individually. The basic package includes theft protection and basic collision damage protection that is free. The medium package includes the basic package and also personal accident protection and windscreen, glass, lights and tires protection and the premium package includes all of those protections beside personal belongings protection. The medium and premium protection packages have different prices.

And the last but not the least, rentkonim company has the same terms and conditions as Saadatrent company.

Transfer Insurance of Imam Khomeini International Airport


The CIP Hall of Imam Khomeini Airport (cip ika) is an area provided for passengers’ comfort. Various services are considered for the passengers who receive this service. When you return or enter an airport, you may ask how to get to your next destinations. One of the services presented to you is Imam Khomeini Airport transfer.

Everyone who uses this airport transfer service will receive rental car insurance and all the tips mentioned about rented cars insurance will be included as well. The passengers of the CIP will be able to opt for their insurance level after renting a car.

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