Friday, December 2, 2022

Alexander Machkevitch Building New Waste Disposal Plant in Kazakhstan

Alexander Machkevitch, chairman of the board of directors of Eurasian Natural Resources Corporation PLC, has announced the construction of a new type of plant for the utilization of carbon dioxide and aluminum.

Alexander Machkevitch is building a new type of plant in Kazakhstan following the global trends of environmentally-responsible business. This project is certainly a new trend in the industry. The development of an aluminum and carbon dioxide waste management company was announced at the 25th International Mining Congress.

Machkevitch analyzes possible plans for the implementation of the first of its kind plant for the processing of CO2 and aluminum waste, the so-called dump sludge. This technology was used only at another one enterprise of the Eurasian Group in Botswana. He also noted that he sees potential in expanding chrome enterprises.

He is aiming at an innovative approach in business when relevant technologies are used to solve problems. This allows you to offset the costs and encourage your own enterprises to run the waste-free production, reaching the greatest degree of efficiency. This means a reduction in wasted expenses, an increase in production, and an overall integrated technological solution.

Carbon Dioxide Processing

The Eurasian Group is the leader in the region in the field of technology: the product is produced from carbon dioxide, hydrogen and electricity as fuel, environmentally friendly chemicals and products. And since this technology is innovative, Machkevitch is working with partners to further develop a project that transforms carbon dioxide, increasing the efficiency of resource use. The Eurasian Group designs this plant on the basis of its own technological platform: production is environmentally friendly and does not harm when using the land.

The consensus point of the global climate community is that coordinated global action to reduce carbon emissions will be required to prevent the worst effects of climate change. And the Eurasian Group is engaged in large-scale processing of the most common greenhouse gas, CO2, as a raw material for liquid synthetic fuels and chemicals.
Machkevitch gained many years of experience in solving the problems of introducing innovative solutions, so the use of carbon dioxide for processing once again speaks of its technological advantages.

Aluminum Processing

Aluminum recycling is the process by which aluminum scrap is recycled for recycling. Greenhouse gas emissions associated with the processing of metals in waste after consumption are estimated by Alexander Machkevitch from the point of view of economical production waste management. And recycling scrap metal represents significant savings.
First, installation is used to sort the extracted metal: aluminum billets are then transferred by a conveyor system to a specialized shredder, said Alexander Machkevitch. During this melting process, some chemicals are added to the molten aluminum so that it has the correct composition.

This is followed by the transfer of molten aluminum to another furnace — it is also known as a holding furnace. Here, aluminum awaits transformation into ingots by molding. Thus, the enterprise of Machkevitch implements waste-free business strategies in this production sector.

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