Islamic Architecture in Photos: World’s Pink Mosques

Mosques are common places of worship among Muslims all around the world. Regardless of whether they are Shi’a or Sunni, they all pray there. This is a building which, in people’s minds, is usually blue as a symbol of peace, and built with a specific architectural style.

The use of colours in mosques goes beyond the simple function of similar structures around the world. Take the colour pink as an example. Pink is a colour used in some mosques as a symbol of serenity, love and peace.

As reported by a cultural heritage journalist from ISNA, this type of place of worship all around the world is built using different patterns or colours. In terms of beauty, greatness and antiquity, the mosques have titles like Jame or Azam; as they are called in Iran.

Some of the characteristics of this beautiful style of architecture include mirrorwork, dome-like roofs, vaults and nested bedchambers. This beauty has turned many mosques all over the world into tourist attractions; whether for Muslims and followers of other religions.

Malaysia’s Pink Mosque 

One example of these mosques is Putra Mosque in Malaysia. This mosque sits next to the beautiful lake of Putrajaya. Its view causes it to be considered as one of the Islamic world’s most modern mosques.

Putrajaya Jame Mosque, also known as Putra mosque, was started in 1997 and it was first used two years later.



The Pink Mosque of the Philippines

Maguindanao Mosque in the Philippines is one of the world’s pink mosques. It seems that apart from the religious aspect, its colour has made it into a tourist attraction. The mosque was completed in 2014, and as a sign of unity between different religions, was built by Christian workers.


Islamic Architecture in Photos: World's Pink Mosques


Iran’s Pink Mosque

Another of the world’s pink mosques is Nasir al-Mulk, located in Shiraz, Iran. Because of its colourful windows and pink tiles used in its interior design, this mosque is known as the pink mosque in popular culture.

Nasir al-Mulk mosque is one of the oldest mosques in Shiraz. It was built over 12 years between 1877 and 1889.

It is interesting to know about the psychology of the colour pink. This colour promotes tolerance and patience in humans and encourages kindness and love.



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