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A Guide to Visiting Lisbon with Low Budget

Lisbon is called European San Francisco for a reason: cities have the same bridges, trams, steep streets with sharp climbs and descents, and a very special atmosphere. Lisbon, like San Francisco – is a bright, unusual, bustling city, where life never stops even for a minute.

You can fall in love with Lisbon, barely coming off the plane: fresh sea air immediately swells your head. And when you find yourself in the historical centre, you will realize that you are lost permanently and irrevocably.

The beauty and originality of Lisbon is amazing. In Europe, you won’t find such a city: with ancient buildings, steep streets, yellow trams and magical fragrance of flowering oranges.

In Lisbon one is inclined to return again, and then again and again. If you don’t have a lot of money, then there’s no point to worry and postpone the acquaintance with your favourite city for later: there are many ways to visit Lisbon on the cheap, without sacrificing your own comfort.

To completely immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of Lisbon, it’s best to walk around the city on foot, armed with a map and guidebook, because many amazing places are far from the usual tourist trails.

There is a list of the best low-budget places to visit in Lisbon.

A Guide to Visiting Lisbon with Low Budget
The Jerónimos Monastery

The Jerónimos Monastery

This is a tourist attraction of Lisbon, which should be mentioned first in this list. The Jerónimos Monastery is the most visited tourist attraction in Portugal. The number of visitors is steadily growing every year. In 2014, the Monastery of Jeronimos was visited by 807,845 visitors. It is under the protection of UNESCO as a monument of the World Heritage and listed in Seven Wonders of Portugal.

A Guide to Visiting Lisbon with Low Budget
The Tower of Belém

The Tower of Belém

The Tower of Belém is the most recognisable sighting of Lisbon, built during the times of the Great Discoveries. Also classified as UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1983 and listed in Seven Wonders of Portugal.


In Lisbon, there are many different museums, and on the first Sunday of the month, the entrance to many of them is completely free! Art lovers should visit the museum of Galust Gulbenkian. There is one of the world’s best private collections, collected by the oil tycoon.

A collection of contemporary art is presented in the museum of Berardi (the entrance is free, in the halls there are Wi-Fi and air conditioning).

To penetrate the history of the Portuguese empire, be sure to explore the spacious rooms of the Maritime Museum, which presents a collection of ship models from the first caravels to the royal yachts.

Fashion connoisseurs should visit the free museum of fashion and design (MUDE) on Rua Augusta, where one can trace design history of the last decades.

The most visited museum in Lisbon is National Coach Museum. Previously, in this huge hall was a riding academy, where horses ran and the royal children learned the art of riding. Today, here is the world’s richest collection of horse-drawn carriages. There are coaches, tarantas, charabancs and cabs of different times from all over Europe, but the highlight of the program is the state coaches. The entrance to the museum is absolutely free.

A Guide to Visiting Lisbon with Low BudgetLisbon Tram 28

The famous Lisbon Tram 28 route (28E, where E – means elétrico – tram) is rightly considered a tourist and described in every Lisbon guide. This old route is popular not only among tourists, but also among local residents, as it passes through the whole city centre and the old districts of Lisbon. This is a very fascinating attraction.

The territory of LX Factory

This is the creative centre of Lisbon in the industrial decorations of the XIX century. The territory of the former factory in the Alcantara area has now become a haven of artists, designers and musicians, and the brick walls are covered with graffiti. Here they sell books, interior items, democratic clothes, and also drink and have a snack in relaxed atmosphere.

A Guide to Visiting Lisbon with Low Budget
Bordallo Pinheiro Garden

Bordallo Pinheiro Garden

Rafael Bordallo Pinheiro is the Lisbon Antonio Gaudi. Works of the artist and ceramist with unlimited imagination are collected in the park in the north of Lisbon: giant lizards, sea creatures, and a black cat are located among bushes and fountains.

Many parks in Lisbon are free of charge. At your disposal there is a countless number of viewing points, cosy corners with the best urban views and the whole Lisbon – alive, blooming and magical at any time of the year. If you are planning to visit Lisbon with your loved one, click to find out about the romantic places of this wonderful city.

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