Tuesday, February 7, 2023

A Different Place to Stay: Hotel Made of Garbage in Iranian Island

A travel group is trying to build an accommodation in the southern Iranian Island of Hormuz using the help of the islanders in collecting the garbage.

Amin Davaee, the executive manager of a travel group, told Mehr News Agency that the garbage in Hormuz Island is planned to be collected in the first step, and be used for the construction of residential buildings.

“In fact we want to make a hotel using the garbage. The plan will be piloted within the next month in Hormuz Island,” he noted.

We are trying to persuade the islanders to help us in collecting the rubbish and transform it to constructs required for building an accommodation, Davaee said.

The next stage, he added, is to build a place of residence, which would help the passengers have a new choice for accommodation.

As Davaee says, their aim is to collect the Hormuz Island’s garbage and attract the attentions to its environment.

“Moreover, we believe this process can attract tourists to Hormuz Island and accommodate them in a different place of residence,” he added.

Hormuz Island is an Iranian island in the Persian Gulf. Located in the Strait of Hormuz, 5 miles off the Iranian coast, the island is part of Hormozgan Province.

The Island is considered a unique mineralogical reservoir, due to the incredible variety of rocks and minerals found in this small area, and a fine example of salt domes.

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