Top Iran commander: Israel’s Iron Dome can be penetrated

The chief of staff of Iranian armed forces says the recent launch of over a dozen missiles at a mock-up of Israel's Dimona nuclear facility was not just a show but a simulation of a massive attack.

Major General Mohammad Bagheri said the exercise made it clear that Israel’s Iron Dome system can be defeated and penetrated if a barrage of missiles is fired from different directions at a target at once.
The top Iranian general described the drill as one of Iran’s most successful military exercises.
On the final day of military drills codenamed Great Prophet 17 in southern Iran last week, the Islamic Revolutions Guards Corps fired 16 missiles at the mock-up of Dimona destroying it completely.
Tensions between Iran and Israel are skyrocketing after the regime’s latest military threats against the Islamic Republic’s nuclear facilities.
Iran has pledged to give a crushing response to any Israeli aggression.

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