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Why I’m Not Allowed to Gamble as a Muslim

Find out why Muslims are not allowed to participate in gambling games and what kind of harms and disadvantages such practice may bring.

The process of globalization has made many harmful behaviors to become seemingly normal, including gambling. However, in Islam, gambling (maisir) is strictly forbidden by the laws of shari’a and there is no circumstance under which it is allowed.

You may be wondering why exactly gambling is forbidden and if you are you have come to the right place. Regardless of the advertisements you may have seen or the fact that sites like SugarHouse Casino online openly offer gambling even across the internet, you should not be fooled into believing you are allowed to gamble if you want to practice Islam.

We go into some specific reasons why gambling is prohibited and also examine the harm you may be doing to yourself and others by participating in such behavior.

A Losing Proposition for Both Sides

Gambling may seem like an easy way to make some money fast or simply a means for entertainment. You may think that if you gamble for money you can afford, then you are not really committing a sin. However, this could not be further from the truth as it is not only the immediate financial risk that is problematic with gambling.

The biggest issue with gambling, as modern medicine and psychology have discovered and Islamic scholars knew long ago, is that it is addictive. Gambling leads to more gambling, almost without exception, and getting involved with it can greatly corrupt a man, influencing both his mind and body.

What’s even more, the financial gain from gambling is always temporary for the winning player, as further gambling will only result in losing both the winnings and more. For the one organizing the game, profit is made with no real effort or risk, making it highly immoral in the eyes of the Islamic scholars.

What Games Are Forbidden?

There is some discussion as to what kinds of games are forbidden in Islam and what must happen in order for a game to not be allowed. While many modern gambling games did not exist at the time when these rules were put into place, the basic premise is quite simple. Gambling money or other material goods on anything, regardless of the actual game, is forbidden.

What’s even more, using game props such as cards, blocks, dice or other similar items that are associated with gambling is prohibited even if no money is being exchanged. The reason for this stems from the fact that use of such items may entice others to play the game for real money or even lead you to believe that you are winning at the game and should try to play it for money.

If you want a definitive answer to the question which gambling games are forbidden in Islam, it is actually quite simple! Any game that involves any type of gambling is prohibited and if you have any doubt about a game, you should probably still stay away from it to keep safe.

Save Yourself and Others from Risks

As we already mentioned, Muslims should not participate in any form of gambling for both the financial and psychological harms that it may cause. For this reason, Islam strictly prohibits gambling and it is a sin for any Muslim to gamble.

By staying away from games of chance, you are doing good not only to yourself but also your friends, peers and family who will not be exposed to the dangers that such games can bring. There is a very good reason the Prophet preached against gambling and those who follow his word should accept that gambling brings no advantage and severe disadvantages.

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