Saturday, October 1, 2022

Vexed Issue of Children Born from Sexual Jihad in Mosul

Nawfal Hamadi al-Sultan, the governor of Iraq’s northern province of Nineveh, referred to the unregistered children, the unfortunate results of a fatwa dubbed Jihad al-Nikah (sexual Jihad), as one of the major issues ahead of Mosul after its liberation.

According to a report by Fars, as translated by IFP, al-Sultan said that Iraqi authorities have to deal with countless problems after the liberation of Mosul.

Addressing the second international conference on Psychological and Media Operations to Counter ISIS, al-Sultan pointed to the children of Jihad al-Nikah, who have no identity, as one of the most important issues in Mosul.

“Hereby I ask the authorities in Iraq to help us with the problem,” he noted, as reported by Almada Press.

“Another issue is that Mosul’s children have fallen way behind their education because of the war and occupation caused by ISIS terrorists,” he emphasized.

Jihad al-Nikah is a controversial fatwa attributed to Wahhabi scholars, based on which women voluntarily offer themselves to terrorists for gratification of their carnal desires.

This term has become widespread since the inception of Syrian crisis and caused quite a scandal for the terrorists and their advocates.

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