Sunday, June 23, 2024

US, Germany warn against offering Ukraine firm timeframe for joining alliance: Report

NATO member states, the US and Germany, have warned against offering Ukraine a firm timeframe for joining the military bloc, the Daily Telegraph writes, citing sources.

A source told the newspaper that US administration officials were “very skeptical about bringing Ukraine any further along the path to full Nato membership this year.”

“The US is perhaps not as concerned as Germany, but there is a worry about the threat of Russia to the rest of the alliance,” he added.

According to the Daily Telegraph, “while NATO leaders will refuse to provide a timeline for Ukraine’s membership, they will offer what is being described as a ‘bridge’ or ‘path’ to accession as a show of support for the process.”

A package of support will “demonstrate that the path to membership is getting shorter.”

“The package will focus on bolstering Ukraine’s armed forces to ensure Ukraine is ready to immediately join NATO when alliance leaders agree the time is right,” the paper writes.

“It’s not an invitation, but it’s the next closest thing,” a diplomat added.

Ukraine formally applied to join the Trans-Atlantic defense bloc in September 2022. While NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and individual members agree that Ukraine should someday become part of NATO, Kiev has not been presented with a specific timetable. It is widely understood that the country will not be admitted until the conflict with Russia is resolved.

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