Friday, May 24, 2024

US doesn’t want Gaza ceasefire: Iran

Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani said that if the US had the will to secure a truce in the Gaza Strip, it could have stopped the shipment of weapons and ammunition to Israel and cut off its financial and political support for the regime.

An immediate ceasefire has the most urgency in Gaza followed by the opening of humanitarian corridors to deliver aid to the Palestinian people and a prisoners’ swap deal, he told reporters on Monday.

He also condemned the US crackdown on students protesting Israel’s bloody war on the besieged enclave, stressing that police violence will not silence awakened public opinion.

Kanaani said that the United States demonstrated its “dual approach” to human rights by allowing the police to brutally suppress pro-Palestinian demonstrators on college campuses.

“What we are witnessing at American universities shows the awakening of the world’s public opinion to the Palestinian issue and the depth of hatred towards the Zionist regime and the genocide in Gaza that is being committed by Israel with the support of the US and some European governments.”

“The Iranian Foreign Ministry does not accept the police treatment … and considers it worrying,” he noted, calling on the international community to intervene.

The protests began at Columbia University in New York City, where students set up an encampment of tents demanding a permanent ceasefire in Israel’s Gaza war and an end to US military assistance for the regime, as well as university divestment from companies profiting from the aggression.

The peaceful demonstration spread to at least two dozen universities across the US.

In recent days, the US police have raided campuses, clashed with pro-Palestinian students and professors, and arrested hundreds of them.

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