Tuesday, January 25, 2022

UN warns tough winter makes things more difficult in Afghanistan

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The United Nations’ Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs says a tough winter in Afghanistan will further worsen living conditions for millions of people across the country.

The warning comes as heavy rain and snowfall affect different regions of Afghanistan, disrupting flights to and from Kabul airport. More snow is forecast for the coming days.

The grave humanitarian condition in Afghanistan has been deteriorated since the Taliban took control leading to a freeze on foreign assistance and Afghan assets by international organizations and a large number of countries.

Last month, the UN Security Council approved a resolution by consensus to open routes for assistance to Afghans, who are in need of primary aid, while preventing the funding to fall into the hands of the Taliban.

The International Migration Organization has repeatedly expressed concern about millions of internally-displaced people in Afghanistan.

Amid the warnings the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights says it is speeding up distribution of winter aid among the most vulnerable households in Afghanistan.

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