Tuesday, February 7, 2023

‘UN Must Pass Resolution to Lift Iran Sanctions amid Corona Battle’

A senior Iranian lawmaker says Tehran should call on the Security Council to pass an emergency resolution to lift the US sanctions while the country is struggling against coronavirus.

Heshmatollah Falahatpisheh, a member of the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of Iran’s Parliament, has noted that all anti-human sanctions against Iran must be lifted so that the country can battle the deadly coronavirus.

“When it comes to a national epidemic, the case is something domestic, but when it becomes a pandemic it must be dealt with in accordance with all the conventions and the UN Charter,” he told ISNA.

“COVID-19 is now a pandemic. Accordingly, all means must be mobilised to combat the virus. Iran has the highest contagion rate for any reason. I and some other people believe it is a manipulated virus and a bioterrorist attack,” reiterated Falahatpisheh.

“However, the international community must help countries at risk to prevent the spread of the virus. This assistance is institutional and based on international law, it is not international charity. If Iran fails to confront it, the disease can easily spill over to other parts of the world.”

“Accordingly, Iran is doing its national and international duty because the international conventions have defined some obligation for countries exposed to the virus. We do our job, but the international community is not helping to take appropriate action internationally to tackle this pandemic.”

He referred to a letter written by Iran’s Foreign Minister to the IMF and the Security Council requesting for assistance, Falahatpisheh said Iran should seek through Russia and China and other Security Council member states to pass a resolution to lift all sanctions to contain corona outbreak.

“Iran should send letters through its embassies around the world to the relevant UN councils to pass an emergency resolution to lift the sanctions,” stressed Falahatpisheh.

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