Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Top General Says Iran-US Negotiation ‘Irrational, Impractical’

A senior Iranian general says holding negotiation with the United States has always proved to be a wrong, irrational, and pointless move.

Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi, a senior IRGC general, has ruled out the possibility of talks with the US over Iran’s defensive capabilities, saying such talks are equal to easily putting our country within the enemy’s range.

“It is clear that no one with common sense would accept such an idea, and no country in the world would negotiate over its defence power. Iran is not an exception,” he told Tasnim.

He said talks with Americans have always proved to be a wrong move.

“During the history of the Islamic Revolution, it’s been proved that even in the cases where negotiation with America has been permitted, it had no result, and the US has once again violated its commitments,” Vahidi said.

Therefore, he added, holding negotiation with the US, especially with the current administration ruling the country, is an irrational and impractical move.

He made the remarks while referring to earlier comments by Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei who ruled out the possibility of talks between Tehran and Washington, saying such negotiations will be “fruitless”, “harmful”, and “a total loss”.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran will absolutely not sit for talks with America … because first, it bears no fruit and second, it is harmful,” the Leader said in a meeting with a number of university professors, elites and researchers in Tehran last Wednesday.

The Leader referred to negotiation as a tactic used by Americans to complement their strategy of pressure. “This is actually not negotiation; it’s rather a means for picking the fruits of pressure.”

The only way to counter this trick, he said, is to utilize the means of pressure available for use against Americans. “If they are used properly, the Americans will either stop or decrease pressures.”

However, the Leader warned against being deceived by the US plot, saying that the Islamic Republic must use the leverage at its disposal to counter the US’ pressures; otherwise, being deceived into negotiation would be a “total loss”.

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